The 7 comrades arrested on 8 December 2020 will go on trial from 3 to 27 October 2023. They will be judged for «criminal association of terrorist criminals» (art. 450-1) in Paris. No terrorist project has been established after two years of investigation characterized by the use of white torture and a very intrusive surveillance. The criminal classification was not retained but the terrorist and collective dimension remains despite the total absence of evidence or even links between all the seven people. Several of them are also charged with “refusing to surrender a secret decryption convention” (Art. 434-15).

Details of the “December 8 Case” are available on the blog:

The French State accuses them of having «participated in a formed group or an agreement established for the preparation of acts of terrorism». The facts used to support these accusations are: false «white notes», the use of digital hygiene tools (Tails, Tor, Signal, Silence, etc.), the refusal to give decryption codes to phones or hard drives, the occasional practice of AirSoft, travels (to Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Colombia, etc.), short combat experience in Rojava, stealing once, possession of Category C or B rifles (including 4 undeclared rifles), possession of elements or substances used in the composition of explosives (household products), the playful manufacture of minute quantities of explosive.

Most of these facts are not illegal, or are common law and do not concern all indictees. To build the resulting “terrorist” threat, the DGSI created the story of a “group” that would conduct “paramilitary training” to prepare “acts of terrorism” against “law enforcement or military” or institutions, while « consulting for this purpose with members of various groups having the same objectives in France and abroad, and by means of encrypted communication. » This scenario is identical to the one used against many internationalist comrades.

This is where political opinions (true or supposed), lifestyles (squat, mobile housing, international activism, autonomy) and profiles of the accused people become sufficient elements to turn common law crimes into «terrorism».

To be more clear: the anarchist ideal of the comrades and the presumption of guilt are what maintains the «terrorist» accusation although no project is defined. This legal deviance has been allowed by Islamophobic jurisprudence since the jihadist killings that France has known since 2012.

The coup of the DGSI and the French Anti-terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) is to try to transpose the judicial treatment of people who joined the Islamic State to activists designated as «ultra-left». The challenge for the French state is to align itself with other European countries, such as Italy for example. In this fascist country, the simple publication of anarchist newspapers is considered “for terrorist purposes” (see the new anti-terrorist operation Scripta Scelera). This shift was attempted in 2008 with the so-called “Tarnac” affair and ended in failure.

Thanks to the anti-terrorism tool, the State has the freedom to exercise repression in its most tortuous and violent forms, while claiming of acting for the common good. This allows it to renew the legitimacy of its violence by spreading fear in public opinion, as well as to enhance the most liberticidal measures: mass surveillance and carding, administrative and preventive detention, police-army hybridation, white tortures, etc.

Not one social struggle is spared by anti-terrorist repression. Revolutionary ideas and practices; whether radical reformist or insurrectional, violent or pacifist; are on the front line of this. Today in France, hundreds of associations lose their fundings because of «links with the ultra-left». The counter-terrorism tool aims to silence any social contestation, any questioning of the state and capitalism.


Repression has immense consequences on the people targeted and their political entourage, lives are broken and solidarity is weakened. Everywhere, comrades of struggle suffer the full force of the anti-terrorist repression. From Russia to Chile, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Peru, Chad, Burma, Philippines, Turkey, Kurdistan, Belarus, (etc). Whatever the means of struggle used, we know that Terror does not reside in our social camp but on the contrary, we fight it every day.

International solidarity is criminalized everywhere. Comrades who supported the Kurdish struggle are repressed, international solidarity actions are watched as terrorist networks, France increasingly pronounces territory bans against anti-fascist and ecologist comrades.

In this case of 8/12, in order to convince of the danger the comrades represent, the DGSI (and the justice) define the campaigns of international solidarity as «actions of low intensity», so as acts of war. Just graffitis «Stop law and order Exarcheïa» on the Greek Consulate, a banner during a demo «From Exarcheïa to Lyon against state repression No Pasaran!» are used as evidence of the terrorist potential of the French ultra-left. This speech serves to criminalize the possession of internationalist posters and fanzines by the defendants of 8/12 .

Yes, we stand in solidarity with the struggles, which all over the world are trying to save what we have left of freedom, clean water and fertile land. No, we do not travel to seaside towns or ecocidal cruise ships but to places of emancipation and resistance.

We fight the generalized destruction of the Living and the slavery of Humanity by capitalism. We are fighting the massacres perpetrated by states and their economic empires. We are fighting militarization anddeadly borders. The social revolution is not a terrorist project!

Terrorists are those who hold weapons of mass destruction and the most powerful armies in history. They are the ones who destroy our Earth and exploit its ressources. They are the ones who enslave the People and massacre the Resistants. That’s this France that has risen to the second place in the world in weapon sales. These are the bloodthirsty dictators, such as Erdogan or Mohammed bin Salman, welcome with honors at the Élysée.

As long as oppression exists, Power, on its way, will find us.


Against police repression and the anti-terrorism tool, let us not be atomized!

Against states that want to divide resistance movements, friendships, collectives and all forms of organizations of the left-wing in general, we demand solidarity in all its forms!

We invite you to echo in various forms our determination and rage against their world, and our solidarity with people who will go to trial in Paris from October 3 to 27, 2023.

Every individual, collective and organization can take part in this call. In their own ways, with their familiar tools, creativity and imagination! From the most fragile to the most spectacular, all actions make sense. And if it strengthens our links, our thoughts, our responsiveness, then let’s seize this opportunity.

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